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OnStomp v1.0.5


A client-side ruby gem for communicating with message brokers that support the STOMP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols. This gem was formerly known as stomper, but that name has been dropped because a python stomp library by the same name already existed. Also, I think “OnStomp” better expresses the event-driven nature of this gem.


There is a STOMP client gem named stomp, so why create another gem? OnStomp was designed around giving users more control over how STOMP frames are handled through an event-driven interface. All IO reading and writing is performed through the use of non-blocking methods in the hopes of increasing performance.

The stomp gem is a good gem that works well, I just desired a different style API for working with message brokers.


The OnStomp gem can be installed as a standard ruby gem:

gem install onstomp

Alternatively, you can clone the source with git.