the two halves of my tasty brain

mathlib Found

Roughly 5-6 years ago, I made an effort to take Fractal rendering code I developed during college and refactor it into a general purpose Java library, mathlib.jar. A hard drive failure and desktop replacement later, and I had assumed that code was lost. In fact, I seem to recall a fight between my former wife and I over the matter, but at any rate, it appears I was wrong.

Mandelbrot Sets in Javascript

I’m a big fan of fractals. From Lindenmayer Systems to variations on the Mandelbrot set, they all have a special place in a statistically self-similar region of my brain. Archimedes can keep his circles, I’ll stick with the striking complexity of chaos. Given this mild obsession, it should not come as surprise that one of the first applications I enjoy making when working with a new GUI environment is a fractal generator. With the addition of Web Workers and programmatic drawing via <canvas> elements in modern JS implementations, I find the past repeating itself with affine self-similarity.